Professor Xue Jinjun, Laboratory Director, Appointed as Distinguished Visiting Professor by Tsinghua University President

On September 18, the appointment ceremony for Professor Xue Jinjun(Yukihara Tatsuto) as a Visiting Professor at Tsinghua University took place at the Institute of Public Policy (Tsinghua Public Policy Institute) in the historical archives hall. Professor Hu Angang, a senior professor in the humanities at Tsinghua University and the director of the National Conditions Research Institute, delivered a speech. Professor Zhu Xufeng, the Dean of Tsinghua Public Policy Institute, presented Professor Yukihara Tatsuto with the letter of appointment signed by Tsinghua University President Wang Xiqin. Professor Yukihara Tatsuto expressed his gratitude to Tsinghua University and Tsinghua Public Policy Institute and outlined his academic and teaching plans for the appointed period. The appointment ceremony was presided over by Professor Gao Yuning, the director of the Institute of International Development and Global Governance at Tsinghua Public Policy Institute.

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Professor Yukihara Tatsuto Expressing Gratitude

Participants in the Appointment Ceremony included Vice Dean Yin Chengzhi and Assistant Professor Zhang Fang from Tsinghua Public Policy Institute, as well as Deputy Director Shi Shutong from the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange. Academic partners representing Professor Yukihara Tatsuto also attended, including Professor Tadashi Sonoda from the School of Economics at Nagoya University in Japan, Professor Lü Yue, Executive Dean of the Global Innovation and Governance Research Institute at the University of International Business and Economics, Researcher Tan Xianchun from the Institute of Science and Technology Strategy Consulting at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor Yu Miao, Vice Director of the Employment and Social Security Research Center at Tsinghua Public Policy Institute and Assistant Professor at the Hospital Management Research Institute, Assistant Researcher Gao Xiang from the Institute of Mathematics and Systems Science at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, along with some student representatives from the Public Policy Institute.

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Zhu Xufeng Presenting the Letter of Appointment to Professor Yukihara Tatsuto

Professor Yukihara Tatsuto is a faculty member at the School of Economics at Nagoya University in Japan, specializing in global value chain analysis, climate change economics, and energy economics. He received his academic mentorship from the Chinese development economics pioneers and academic luminaries, Professor Zhang Peigang and Professor Tan Chongtai. Starting as a prominent member of the early research and academic teams in the field of development economics in China after the country's economic reforms, Professor Yukihara Tatsuto quickly rose to prominence, making significant contributions to the discipline's development and academic innovation.

In 1989, he published the first book on development economics in China, titled "Development Economics," which won the National Education Commission's (now the Ministry of Education) Outstanding Textbook First Prize and the Second Zhang Peigang Development Economics Award. It was selected as a textbook for university economics courses, not only nurturing a considerable number of talents in the field of development economics but also serving as a valuable reference for students, experts, and decision-makers in related fields.

Professor Yukihara Tatsuto holds significant influence in both domestic and international academic circles, maintaining a long-term collaboration with Tsinghua University. He has served as a visiting researcher at the National Conditions Research Institute and the Institute of Energy, Environment, and Economy at Tsinghua University, contributing to various joint research projects. Through collaboration with professors at Tsinghua, he has co-authored numerous high-impact papers published in prestigious international journals such as Nature Communications and Energy Economics, fostering academic exchanges between Tsinghua University and academic communities in Japan, Europe, and the United States.

With his appointment as a visiting professor at Tsinghua University, Professor Yukihara Tatsuto will engage in textbook development, deliver lectures, and organize high-level international conferences, further strengthening the academic ties between Tsinghua University and Professor Yukihara Tatsuto's networks.